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12 Dec


     The Most Popular Women Of 2016 in US (next to Hillary Clinton, according to Google), the most famous female athlete, the most decorated American gymnast, Simone Biles in Marinbad Pumpkin Pant Suit, traveled to the Milk Studio in Los Angeles to attend The Hollywood Reporter´s Annual Women in Entertainment.

     People were fascinated at how Simone Biles dressed herself. She was not the only one with pant suit. Kelly Rowland was the other one. The great Atlanta writer for HELLO GIGGLES published an article "Simone Biles and Kelly Rowland wow in Pantsuit and we wonder if they planned this because it´s so perfect". 

Jamie Feldman wrote "We Can´t Get Over Simone Biles´ Epic Orange Pantsuit" on THE HUFFINGTON POST.

    Simone Biles in this Pumpkin pant suit has been listed as one of the Best Dressed Stars from the Last Night by PEOPLE STYLE since THR power breakfast.

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